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Time, Tears and Tales

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This compilation album by Australiana Balladeer George Royter, brings together songs from three previously released albums and one that never made it to the public area.

The backing is predominately acoustic guitar without much more and this way the words and tunes remain unobscured and authentic.

Many songs bring back the old days; The Old Time Family Dance, Sleeper Cutters, Rusho (which featured on the ABC TV documentary Killers in Eden) The Grader Man and Dust on the Violin are just a selection of memory stimulating tracks.

Here with You is sweet and soothing and You Kids Have Got It Easy and The Chook Farmers Ball will make you smile.

From a review in Capital News

Hear the album for free  at  www.georgeroytersaustralia.com.au/time-tears-tales

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Outback Reflections Trailer – Landscape and nature inspired video

‘Outback Reflections’ is a peaceful landscape and nature inspired video overview of the beautiful far north of South Australia.

This 30 minute peaceful landscape and nature inspired video features beautiful places of Australia with natural atmospheric sounds and relaxing background music.

Compiled from HD footage captured through 2011/12, featuring scenes from the Birdsville, Strzelecki and Oodnadatta Tracks, Corner Country and the spectacular Painted Desert.

Bring a little of the natural world into your busy life today.


Watch ‘Outback Reflections’ at the online roadside stall.

We have all passed those roadside stalls selling garden produce, like eggs, flowers and watermelons. You pull over and select the items you like and leave the money in the honesty box.

Well I have setup an internet roadside stall where you can view the full 30 minute version of ‘Outback Reflections’ for free.

If you would like to put a little donation in the honesty box after watching the video that will be much appreciated and will help me produce more videos.

If you are travelling the internet and you pass George Royter’s Australia pull over and enjoy a relaxing outback video break.

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New Release – Relax a Moment – On the Oodnadatta Track

Relax a Moment – On the Oodnadatta Track is a visual and musical odyssey featuring spectacular images from the remote outback Australian Oodnadatta Track accompanied with therapeutic relaxing background music.

Bring a little of the natural world into your busy life today.

Video Release

We are proud to announce the release of our first series of HD videos.

Each HD video features natural sounds and unobtrusive ambient music,

without narration, so these beautiful videos can be enjoyed time and time again.

All HD videos play on phones, pads, tablets, computers and smart TVs.

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