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Outback Reflections Trailer – Landscape and nature inspired video

‘Outback Reflections’ is a peaceful landscape and nature inspired video overview of the beautiful far north of South Australia.

This 30 minute peaceful landscape and nature inspired video features beautiful places of Australia with natural atmospheric sounds and relaxing background music.

Compiled from HD footage captured through 2011/12, featuring scenes from the Birdsville, Strzelecki and Oodnadatta Tracks, Corner Country and the spectacular Painted Desert.

Bring a little of the natural world into your busy life today.


New Release – Relax a Moment – On the Oodnadatta Track

Relax a Moment – On the Oodnadatta Track is a visual and musical odyssey featuring spectacular images from the remote outback Australian Oodnadatta Track accompanied with therapeutic relaxing background music.

Bring a little of the natural world into your busy life today.

Video Release

We are proud to announce the release of our first series of HD videos.

Each HD video features natural sounds and unobtrusive ambient music,

without narration, so these beautiful videos can be enjoyed time and time again.

All HD videos play on phones, pads, tablets, computers and smart TVs.

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The Painted Desert – South Australia

Relax a moment in the spectacular beauty of South Australia’s Painted Desert.

Black Head – Gerroa – New South Wales – Australia

Black Head at Gerroa on the South Coast of New South Wales is a picturesque and tranquil part of the coastline, making it very popular with artists and photographers.

It is the perfect place to relax and let nature wash away the stresses of a busy life. The sight and sound of the waves breaking on the rocky shore in the warm autumn sun rejuvenates the spirit.

Over the last month I have been filming the changing faces of Black Head as part of a digital download series of nature inspired relaxation videos. Some days the sea was as calm as a mill pond, the next a raging torrent crashing against the rocky outcrops.

Black Head is definitely worth a visit if you are travelling the South Coast.